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Meego SDK Integration problem in Ubuntu

Hai Bob Duffy, I am trying to install meego sdk on upuntu 10.10 i installed the sdk and the target (meego-netbook-ia32-1.1.2 ) and the runtime (meego-netbook-ia32-qemu-1.1.2-runtime ) successfully. But when i am starting the qemu by using the sudo mad remote -r meego-netbook-ia32-qemu-1.1.2-runtime poweron cmd in terminal, It is giving message that it will start but it is not starting. Then in QT Creater also i made all the configurations for the meego emulator and i tested the connection it is saying did you start the qemu ? (Its already started) also to start the qemu

Enabling auto-rotation

Hello, when testing my application on the ExoPC with MeeGo, it ignores display rotations that do work in other applications. How to enable automatic display rotation for my application? In the internet I found e. g. #ifdef Q_WS_MAEMO_5 w.setAttribute(Qt::WA_Maemo5AutoOrientation, true); #endif but this doesn't work for me. Best regards and thanks for tips Andreas

Application always displayed in fullscreen mode

Hello, when testing my application on the ExoPC with MeeGo, it is always displayed in fullscreen mode whatever setting or window flag I use. Even a message box (displayed e. g. with "QMessageBox::information") shows up as a fullscren windows which does not look really good. Is it possible to display the application windows NOT in fullscreen mode, but just with the size they are defined? Best regards and thanks for tips Andreas

Clarification required regarding GUID for applications developed for MeeGo.

Hi, We are porting our applications that we had developed for Moblin OS to MeeGo. We have used the same Debug ID and GUID as we had used for Moblin while creating the MeeGo rpm packages for all our applications. Please let us know if this is fine? Best Regards, Kamath

NOKIA announces two new Smart Phones with SYMBIAN Update.

Nokia announced two new Symbian devices, the Nokia E6 and the Nokia X7. With the new smart phones, Nokia also introduced its latest software update, known as Symbian Anna. For details on the news check this: These devices also power apps developed with Qt, thus the business opportunity with Nokia even better for developers.

v4l2 on Meego tablet

hi!all: I've create a video capture program with v4l2 in QtCreator(in Windows) But I got a strange problem with Meego tablet version. When I test my program with Meego netbook , it works well. But when I test it on another Meego tablet, the video shows few seconds then whole screen become black. But the program is still working in background. I did some printout to make sure that. It works in background ,just the display is gone. I try to use setActiveWindows in my code, didn't help.

ADP Integration adds over 4,000KB to my (260KB) application

I am about to add my first qt application to the AppUp store. The executable for my application before adding the ADP integration was 260KB and the rpm package 137KB. After adding the required libs my executable now is 4,602KB and the rpm package 1,669KB. Is this to be expected?

Is the ADP integration/authorization a requirement for one application to be accepted in the AppUp?

My plan is to release my application "free of charge" so there is no real need for the application to enforce any protection against "unauthorized" copying. Will my application fail to be accepted if I don't integrate it with the ADP?
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