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Simulator on 64-bit Windows

As it is now, KQEMU does not support 64-bit Windows. Are there any plans to add support for other virtualization solutions such as VMWare or VirtualBox in the future or is there any work going on the add 64-bit support to KQEMU? This is important to people (like me) who cross-develop on Qt also for Symbian targets as there is no Linux toolchain for Symbian.

ADP Authorization Error with AdpSimple Sample

I am experiencing similar results with the "AdpSimpleSample" application without any changes. I compiled it using Meego SDK 1.2 Preview on windows. When I execute it on the ideapad running meego 1.1(.4?) I get: ADP API Version 0.8 (and then after several seconds:) Entity: Line 1: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document Caught Unauthorized exception in application with exception code: 6 I have installed the "appup center beta" and have downloaded one application using it. (in case it matters)

Debug on ExoPC with Meego

Hello, I've got the ExoPC with Meego on the last Intel event in Munich (thanks to Intel for that ;-) ) and wanted to try to debug a Meego app with this ExoPC now. But how can I connect the ExoPC to my developer PC? I guess I would have to use the dock connector at the bottom of the ExoPC for the connection, but there was no cable in the package for that. So where do I get such a cable or is there a different way to connect the ExoPC tablett to my desktop PC? Best regards and thanks in advance Andreas

ExoPC MeeGo Battery Status and Info

To check the information and status of the battery from the command line cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info present: yes design capacity: 5000 mAh last full capacity: 5152 mAh battery technology: rechargeable design voltage: 7400 mV design capacity warning: 500 mAh design capacity low: 250 mAh cycle count: 0 capacity granularity 1: 50 mAh capacity granularity 2: 50 mAh model number: serial number: battery type: LIon OEM info:

Go MeeGo Go...

The Intel AppUpSM developer program is now accepting apps created for the MeeGo OS. And Submit Early for MeeGo program rewards the developers who start developing apps for this new mobile OS right away. US$500 for first 100 apps Create one of the first 100 quality apps for MeeGo-based devices to be validated by the Intel AppUp developer program and receive US$500. US$1,000 for the 10 best apps Develop one of the 10 best MeeGo apps out the first 100, and you'll win an additional US$1,000.

Is QEMU working for you? Share your hardware specifications

I've been trying to help quite a few people that are struggling or unable to run QEMU. It would be great to build a list of hardware that QEMU is known to work well on. If you have QEMU running, would you be willing to share your hardware specifications and how well QEMU is running for you?

what requirements need to meet the meego os platform in order to qualify for Intel's new store?

Hello, Please specify the requirements, what I have to do to meet the meego os platform in order to qualify for Intel's new store. I have done my project in What I have to change in this application to meet the meego os platform in order to qualify. Thanks
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