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Unresolved external symbol PrintDlg

I am converting an old graphing  library (50,000+ lines) to run with the Intel compiler. The library consists of Fortran and a C interface to Windows (not C++). Both have run successfully with many other compilers. I am using the latest Intel Fortran compiler, and a recently installed VisualC++ compiler.

Everything is fine, except that the linker fails "unresolved external symbol PrintDlg" I have tried printDlgEx with the same result. If I comment out the PrintDlg stuff, everything else works as expected.

It compiles faithfully, and links in all the other windows entries.

My home network was remotely hacked last March, 2012

10 months ago someone hit my home network remotely at such a complex level that after trying to solve it by putting in over 700+ hours this is some of the information I have collected. The hacker re-wrote the motherboard bios and either stored their code in the ACPI or NVRAM of the Bios.
They add setup.inf Windows type files to manipulate how Windows XP or Windows 7 installs. The hacker is using mostly Microsoft products like WMI, WBEM, VB Scripting, Powershell, .NET and Assembly.
Once Windows is installed for the first time after a low level format of the hard drive, Internet Explorer is already high jacked.
When I go to Windows updates to get all the 100 security patches they are all more hacker tools to take over my computer using Terminal Server or Net Meeting. I see traces in the registry in XP of Windows CE. They somehow then add my computer to a hidden domain remotely by using Microsoft ADSI and other tools. Then after that the domain policies over ride my local Group policies. Their Server Operators account has power to overwrite the local administrator that I am. Also the hacker adds a Keylogger program in the Bios that after Windows has finished installing, and I add my new password, they get it too. I have seen fresh INF files from the hacker that even though I said not to run IIS in GP, they can lift my local policy and install IIS. In the log files I find, the hacker uses Either the Microsoft help and Support Account or the Microsoft Remote Assistant account to modify Windows. I have seen log files where their script enable the disabled administrator account to install more of their tools and then they disable at the end of their script. All I can say is the 30 years in computers, this remote hacker has been steadily attacking my home computers since last March and makes my skill-set look like a novice. I have seen the firewall say it was opening a port I blocked so the hacker had the power to do that too.
The fact is I had a failed spinal fusion 3 years ago and now I am unable to work and spend most of my days in bed suffering from the severe nerve root pain. I found out the hacker fit to my new wife's laptop and got into her Hotmail account and sent everyone in her Hotmail address book a bad web link to her Christian Pastor and a bunch of other people. This is because she brought her computer to my house in August when we got married and they hacked her laptop too!! This evil and persistent hacker has to stop and my health is growing weaker everyday trying to figure it out and all I am doing is spinning my wheels. If someone could please help, even if I sent then one of the laptops that have the tampered Bios, I would rather find out who has been this malicious for the last 10 months rather than how to fix it! Again, please help me! Email me if one if you gifted programmers can help me! Thank you very much!

Does AppUp accept apps on Window 8 Consumer Preview??

Hello Team, I have few applications developed on HTML 5. I believe, by using AppUp Encapsulator, I can wrap them in to an .msi file, that couls be submitted, validated and published in AppUp. Does it accept apps on Windows 8 Condumer Preview?? Does AppUp support Windows 8 applications??? Many Thanks!!!

How to sell videos with Intel Appup while protecting the video content?

Is there a way to sell a copyright protected video while protecting the video content? I have uploaded the video onto youtube and had not put it in the public domain. I can embed it into an app, but the right mouse click always disclose the video location. Is there a way that I can upload the video to some secure server and sell it while protecting the video content?
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