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More Java developers should submit their apps and support Appup.

For a long time, Java on desktop has been lack of loving even there are some very good Java desktop apps and games out there. Intel Appup is the first platform/store that supports native Java on desktop and it does its best to support Java apps and spread JVM installations. As Java developers, I think that we should all support Appup to make it more successful and make Java on desktop successful. I just successfully publish my first Java app, 'Raid - Rapid Animated Image Deformation'. It's 100% Java and it's an animation software with sound recording and playing.

Packaging Utility limitations regarding additional files/folders

Hi, I have an existing java app which I am trying to adapt for upload to AppUp. Under the current configuration, I have a launcher jar then a few directories that sit alongside rather than within (for things such as sound effects, setup csv files, and so on). Then within the app they are loaded as objects with path relative to System.getProperty("user.dir"); For ease of development & future releases I would like to keep this structure consistent between my existing app and that which will be uploaded to AppUp.

Java App Failed: ILU02 - Application Uninstall

My Java application Sea Tiger failed binary validation under section ILU02 - Application Uninstall. Since my app is a Java app it does not include a msi installer. I believe the install and uninstall of a Java app is done by a msi installer supplied by Intel. There is no provision or requirement to include an uninstaller, nor is it possible to make a JAR file uninstall itself. I believe that the reviewer discovered a bug in the install/uninstall process for Java apps in the AppUp center. I would like to request that this matter be reviewed and I hope that this can be resolved quickly.

Message Sending Failed Error in Intel Java Application

Hello Members , I have installed Eclipse and Intel Java SDK for to develop Intel Java Application and while running the default Code it is throwing the following error com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.client.p2p.HttpSOAPConnection post SEVERE: SAAJ0009: Message send failed did anybody ever come across this error ? and please help me to solve this problem.

Online Tutorial

Guys, The Mobile Hands-on Labs v1.4 (Online Tutorial) For developers to get started with creating working Qt, Web Runtime, and Java ME application. The modules explain the development environment set up and how to get started. Each module has step-by-step instructions on how to proceed and create a working application. Check out the link:

issue when executing jar file (produced using Intel AppUp™ Java Packaging Utility)

Hi , I am a newbie . Sorry if the question is dumb. I was able to get a executable jar file through Intel AppUp™ Java Packaging Utility and i was also able to validate it using the validate utility. But when tried executing the jar file gives missing Main class name attribute in manifest file. but this manifest file is produced by the packaging utility. Please Help me out in solving this issue. Thanks Jebin M

Java Questions

Hi there, I am *almost* ready to submit my Java Game to AppUp, but have two questions that I am struggling to find an answer for: 1) How do I specify the Java Heap Size? I have specified -Xmx512m in the "Program arguments" in Step 2 of the Software Packaging Utility for Java, but it does not appear to be used since I am getting Out Of Memory errors. 2) I need to use File IO to save game progress and preferences etc - is this permitted? If so, where does the output default to? Thanks and regards, Red27.

Java SDK for AppUp launches

The Intel AppUp developer program has just launched the it's Java SDK supporting Oracle Java SE 6, otherwise known as Oracle Java 1.6.0 runtime. You can download at: or read the Java Announcement Post This SDK comes with a packaging utility, and a package validation tool. Also launched with this a plug-in for Eclipse. For more information check out these links
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