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Melrose SDK - license manager

I'm using the Melrose SDK you instantiate a new license manager (and check a license) like so: var licenseManager:LicenseManager = new LicenseManager(); licenseManager.checkLicense( this, UNIQUE_32_HEX_NUM, UPDATE_MODE, DEBUG_MODE ); My Questions is: 1. Where i 'm getting the " UNIQUE_32_HEX_NUM " value ? 2. If use the GUID in my .air apps i'm getting the follow error " Your license can not be validated". How to solve this problem? Any one help plz!!!! thanks in Advance !!!!

Using Flash CS5?

I am using Flash CS5 (which can publish to AIR 2). I've read here that only AIR files created with Flex will work with the Melrose SDK and can then be submittes as appup applications, but on Adobe's site in the Melrose SDK FAQ it says "You can create applications using Adobe Flex® Builder™ 3, Adobe Flash® Builder™ 4 or Adobe Flash Pro CS5.". Before I spend a lot of time developing something in Flash CS5 only for it not to work, could someone please confirm that AIR 2 files created using Flash CS5 will (or will not) work for creating appup applications? Many thanks, Ric.

Updating AIR Apps

Hello, I'm nearly finished with an app, but I'd like to make sure I can push updates to users. I'm making my updateConfig.xml file, but I'm not sure which URL to point to for updates. Adobe has an example on this page: And the line in question is this one:[]/update.xml

Update on AIR for AppUp - Aug 27th

All here's the update on AIR for AppUp as of Aug 27th Over the last month Intel has been diligently working with Adobe to provide AIR support and submission to AppUp and we've been telling you it's coming We launched a beta program with Adobe on July 21st and had expected to turn on submission of apps to our site on Aug 14th. As the beta program progressed we determined there were some inconstancies with versions of Flash Builder that caused apps to fail validation.

Known issue & workaround per AIR apps with multiple folders

The following item has been discovered and a work around established and reported here: Item Name: AIR app fails due to multiple folders Date Reported: 8/24/10 Symptoms /Description: AIR apps with non-empty installFolder apps fail validation testing Status: Resolving

Status of Adobe AIR submissions for Atom Developer Program – Getting Close!

We are very excited about our upcoming launch of AIR submissions features to the Atom Developer Program. As an update I can tell you we are very close to the finish line, and working through our final checks and balances with Adobe. So if you have Adobe AIR apps ready to submit, stay tuned this week for more information on the official launch of AIR app submission for the Atom Developer Program.

On the Adobe Melrose private beta side, apps submission is already underway, as we are getting apps from Adobe via the Melrose SDK successfully to AppUp.

Adobe Air

Good day, I am talking with a developer who has a concern. They are thinking of using AIR. The concern that they mentioned is that there is no longer a Flex Builder 3 download. It's now Flash Builder 4 and AppUp only supports Flex Builder 3. Could you help address this concern? Thanks!

Melrose SDK for AIR

Hi there, I've downloaded the Melrose SDK from this page: But I'm a bit confused as to where I can get the unique 32-digit hexadecimal number that represents my license. It seems like the kind of thing Adobe would be providing, but as of yet I've been unable to get into their private beta for Melrose. Is there some other way to get a license number? If not, the above link seems kind of useless, but I'm probably just a little off base. :) Thanks for any help!
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