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Elements 2011 News - Central Feedback Channel Announced

I was lucky enough to attend both the Elements 2011 conference in Seattle, and the amazing party half way through :) One of the cool and understated announcements at the keynote was the creation of a central feedback channel which any of us could use to post our concerns and requests DIRECTLY to the upper hierarchy of the AppUp Empire. The forums are a great place for information exchange and finding answers, but this channel would allow us in effect to talk to the AppUp God, and ask those holy questions we all want the answers to.

Getting Consumers Engaged with Your Apps

How can you use social media and communications to build community and consumer engagement around your apps? These and many questions were answered by an all-star panel at Elements 2010 moderated by myself (Amy Barton). • Frank Gruber – Entrepreneur, building a digital media company called TECH Cocktail. On Twitter: @FrankGruber also @shinyheart creators of @thankfulfor & @shinylobster also @DCWEEK co-producer • Xavier Lanier – Publisher of notebooks.com and gottabemobile.com. On Twitter: @xavierlanier also @notebookscom and @gottabemobile

Digital Applications in Education, Panel

The education market is quickly beginning to comprehend the value and impact digital applications and digital content can provide for 21st century classrooms . Listen to a panel of developers who currently sell into the education market and who have developed education apps for Intel ®AppUp(sm). Learn about the unique challenges and opportunities that the education market offers from these education innovators, as well as the potential business models that are appearing as this market begins to take shape. Discussion Leader: Luke Donnelly, Intel® Learning Series with panelists:
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