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Take AppUp(SM) To The Next Level, Bill Pearson, Intel

Join our experts from the Intel AppUp℠ Developer Program for to learn more about app development for the Intel AppUp℠ Center application catalog. In this session you’ll learn how to integrate your application with the Intel AppUp℠ Developer Program SDKs and make use of programming framework and libraries that enable the interaction of your application with the Intel AppUp℠ Developer Program processes and infrastructure. You’ll also learn about our validation process and tips and tricks for successful application packaging.

Mobile Device Market: Expectations, Trends, What Consumers Want, Panel

Panel moderated by Amy Barton, Intel with Steve “Chippy” Paine, Carrypad; Sascha Pallenberg, Netbook News; and Xavier Lanier, Notebooks.com and gottabemobile.com. The market is fragmented - with many different mobile devices - who is going to win in the marketplace, and where should developers focus app development? Join the heated discussion with industry experts.

MeeGo Architecture: Building MeeGo, Where We Are and What's Next, Sunil Saxena, Intel

We've made great progress since the MeeGo project was announced in February of this year: MeeGo 1.0 has been released, providing a stable core foundation for application developers and a rich user experience for Netbooks and work is well underway on the next version of MeeGo, which will bring support for additional platforms and include a new handset user experience. You'll learn the latest about the MeeGo project, including updates on MeeGo governance and project structure, the MeeGo Architecture, roadmap, and compliance plans.

The Migration of Developer Mindshare, Elizabeth Camilleri, Vision Mobile

Software has played a critical role in transforming the mobile industry. Since 2008, mobile software and applications have moved from the sphere of cryptic engineering lingo to an essential market focused activity. Mobile industry players are now vying to win software developers mindshare, in order to add value on top of their devices and networks.

Netbook Users: What Consumers Want, Panel

Panel moderated by Scott Apeland, Intel with Sascha Pallenberg, netbooknews.de; Nicole Scott, netbooknews.com; Hubert Nguyen, Ubergizmo; Juuso Huttunen, jkkmobile.com; and Mike Kasprzak, Sykhronics Entertainment. A lively discussion on the netbook market growth opportunities, and hear what netbook consumers want -- from the platform to the apps.

Creating Visibility for Open Source Projects, Scott Collison

Open source projects have always wanted to create visibility for their projects. If not for financial gain, then for increased developer participation with the project and increased use of the project. This talk addresses specifically how open source developers are using a large selection of tools ranging from traditional hosted development infrastructure; to low cost marketing tactics; to social networking tools to increase the visibility and popularity of their projects.
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