Editing the File for Third-Party Plug-Ins

 I am working on configuring Push Apps mobi to work with my HTML 5 Intel App. I have obtained my CGM Android  Browser API key, and linked my Google project to my device.  It runs on the emulator fine. Next, however, I am following your posted instructions and adding the third-party plug-in to the file and cloning the git address.


Crosswalk for Android Build Failed

Hello. I made an app the other day using the IntelXDK, and today I went in and did some updating. Everything worked fine. I was able to build, but i forgot to change the app version in the build settings. I changed it, and removed a plugin that i didnt need, and after that, it keeps telling me the build fails (no matter what i build it for). Here is my log below:

Generating config.xml from defaults for platform "android"

Server Apps Management

I am guessing there is a tutorial or documentation that I am missing on this.

How do I remove, or manage, the apps that are listed in "Server Apps" in the Intel "App Preview" software?

I installed the Intel App Preview software on my iOS and Android devices to test various builds of my game. Since I am debugging and finding bugs I have numerous versions of my games stored on the server showing the "Server Apps".

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