1826 Build notifications wrong link

1. Create an Android project and build.

2. The build succeeds.  Add an email to the recipient list.

3. Uncheck "use a secure download link"

4. Click "send"

5. Received email contains "You can download your application with this _secure_ link"

6. Uncheck "use a secure download link"

7. Click "send"

8. Received email this time contains "You can download your application with this _public_ link"

Open PDF file (stored locally) in android


I have a requirement to open a PDF file from my android app (built using Intel xdk). And would like to know whether I can show the default file opener select message from the app?
I tried this code, but it didn't work. Got an error saying fileOpener is not defined.<<file path>>)

I added the File plugin.
Not sure if I'm missing anything. If you have any insights on this, can you please let me know.


Set android:debuggable="true"

I need to be able to debug an application on a physical device as Android 4.4.2 acts differently in some cases compared to the emulators. For example it does not support inline forms validation and I need to test a workaround. All the debuggers I have requires the apk to have 

<application android:debuggable="true" />

configured in the AndroidManifest.xml. It does not seem possible to set this through the Intel XDK UI. 

Are there any plans to add support for creating debug builds in the near future?

Thanks, Henning



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