When the analysis run is complete, the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier generates a result that is automatically opened in the default viewpoint. The location of the result files is specified in the Configure Analysis window.

A viewpoint typically contains the following elements:



Result Tab

This is a container of all other viewpoint elements. This tab has the same name as the VTune Amplifier result file. The result tab name uses the r@@@{at} format, where @@@ is an incremented result number starting with 000 and at is the analysis type.

For example:

r005hs is the forth result run in this project and provides data for the Hotspots (hs) analysis. The Hotspots is the analysis type name. Hotspots by CPU Utilization is the name of the viewpoint selected via the down arrow. Use this arrow to switch to other viewpoints available for this analysis result.


Each result tab includes a number of windows presenting colleted data from different perspectives. Each window has a corresponding tab. To ease your navigation, some windows are synchronized: when you select an element in a window, the same element is automatically selected in other windows of the same viewpoint. The list of windows depends on the selected viewpoint.

Each window has a corresponding context help topic available via F1 button or icon.


Context help as part of this product help is available on the web only. You may also download a copy of this help either from the Intel Software Development Registration Center or from the Intel Developer Zone.


Each window typically includes two or three panes, such as Call Stack pane, Timeline pane, and others.


For a brief overview on a particular viewpoint, click the question mark icon at the viewpoint name.

All the data views make your analysis more convenient and manageable with the following options:

Orange (only for download buttons)