You can use the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier to run application performance analysis in the user-mode sampling mode on Windows* or Linux* virtual machine based instances or any analysis type on a bare-metal cloud instance.

The follow cloud service providers are supported:

  • Amazon Web Services* (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform*
  • Microsoft Azure*

You can install VTune Amplifier either directly on the cloud instance or on a Windows, Linux, or macOS* host system and target a Linux cloud instance for remote analysis.


  • Existing account with one of the supported cloud service providers
  • Existing Linux or Windows instance in the cloud
  • Linux instance: Root or sudo privileges to enable user-mode sampling Hotspots analysis by setting /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope to 0. See the Intel VTune Amplifier Release Notes for instructions on enabling it permanently.
  • If installing in the cloud: At least 25GB of instance storage

To install VTune Amplifier on the cloud instance, copy the VTune Amplifier installer to the cloud instance and run the installer. For more information, see the VTune Amplifier install guide for Windows or Linux.

A use case with steps for installing and configuring VTune Amplifier on an Amazon Web Services instance and running a Hotspots analysis on that instance is available from the VTune Amplifier Cookbook.

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