Installing the Intel® MPI Library on Microsoft* Windows* HPC Server 2008 Using Node Templates

By James T., Published: 06/08/2012, Last Updated: 06/08/2012


The Intel® MPI Library can be installed on a Microsoft* Windows* HPC Server 2008 or Microsoft* Windows* HPC Server 2008 R2 based cluster using node templates to simplify the installation process.


  1. Open "HPC Cluster Manager", go to "Configuration", and select "Node Templates"



  2. Create a new node template by clicking "New..." in the "Node Template Actions" configuration panel.
  3. On the second screen of the wizard, select the required deployment type (with or without the operating system).
  4. Add any required or desired updates.
  5. On the review screen, click "Create".
  6. After the new node template is created, select it in the Node Templates and click "Edit..."
  7. Add three Maintenance tasks as shown below:

    Task # Description Command
    1 Create local folder for license file cmd /C md "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Intel\Licenses"
    2 Copy license file cmd /C copy <path_to_I_MPI_license_file> "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Intel\Licenses"
    3 Install Intel® MPI Library <path_to_I_MPI_installer> --silent -a install --eula=accept


    The I_MPI license file and installer should be in a shared location visible to the new node.
  8. After all of the new Maintenance tasks are entered, click "Save"
  9. Assign the node template to all required compute nodes


  1. If you are using the Intel® MPI Library Runtime Environment, rather than the full SDK, only the third Maintenance task is needed.
  2. If a FlexLM* license server will be used instead of the license file, replace the first two Maintenance tasks with a single task:
    Description Command
    Add license server to environment setx -m INTEL_LICENSE_FILE port@host;%INTEL_LICENSE_FILE%

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