Submitting Two Crosswalk* Android* APK Files to the Google Play Store* - Walkthrough

Published:10/06/2015   Last Updated:10/06/2015

This page walks you through the process of submitting two APK binary files to the Google Play Store* after you use the Intel® XDK Build tab to complete a Crosswalk* Android* build.

Be sure to submit both APK files to the Android* store to maximize the number of devices that can install and run your Crosswalk application. Instructions to do this are provided below.

Before You Begin

When you perform a Crosswalk Android embedded Crosswalk build, the Intel XDK build system produces two binary APK files:

  • One for devices that use the ARM* CPU architecture.
  • One for devices that use the x86 CPU architecture.

To simplify downloading these files, the build system combines both into a single zip file. After you download the zip file, extract (unzip) its contents before you continue with the next steps.

These two APK files will have file names in the following format:

  •, such as
  •, such as

This walkthrough makes publishing these two APK files as simple as possible for you. To learn more about this Google Play feature, see

Log into Your Google Play Account and Add New Application

On your development system, log into the Google Play Developer Console at


1 - Click the Add new application button.


Name and Upload Your Application

2 - Type a name for your application.
3 - Click Upload APK

Start to Upload the First APK

4 - Click Upload your first APK to production.

Select the x86 APK

5 - Click Browse files and drag-and-drop or select the x86 APK, such as

Switch to Advanced Mode

6 - Click the Switch to advanced mode button. (That button's name will change to Switch to simple mode.)

Upload your New APK to Production

7 - Click Upload your new APK to Production.

Select the ARM APK

8 - Click Browse files and drag-and-drop or select the ARM APK, such as

Save Draft

9 - Click Save draft.

Verify that Both APKs are Listed

10 - If you successfully completed all of the previous steps, both versions of your app will be listed (as shown above).

Complete App Submission

You can now complete the store listing and publish your app.


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