Visualize this! Concurrent Collections for C/C++

Hello and welcome to another episode of Visualize this! where we talk about topics relating to Visual computing. I am Arti Gupta community manager for games development at Intel Software Network

This week we had Kath Knobe (Research Scientist at Intel) and Ganesh Rao (Technical Consulting Engineer) talk about Concurrent Collections for C/C++. Kath and Ganesh went through the specifics of the product and how being domain independent this can be used by game developers doing parallel programming.

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Download link to a high quality MP4 video file (about 200MB)

Here is a synopsis of the interview:

Kath as a follow-on to her PhD thesis at MIT, developed Intel Concurrent Collections based on extensive parallel compiler experience. She is a Senior Research Scientist at the Intel Software Pathfinding and Innovation Group, focusing on scalable tools.
Ganesh Rao has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of application tuning, benchmarking on a broad array of applications including computer games, enterprise applications and high-performance computing environments. Ganesh is part of the Intel Compilers and Languages organization at Intel.
• What is the motivation behind Intel® Concurrent Collections for C/C++
• What is Intel® Concurrent Collections for C/C++
• How do I write parallel applications using Intel® Concurrent Collections for C/C++
• What benefits can I expect from using Intel® Concurrent Collections for C/C++?
• What are the requirements to use cnc?
• What is in the Intel® Concurrent Collections for C/C++ package?
• Where can I get this product?
o Go to, which is a place to access Intel's advanced research and technology implementations that are still under development. You can testdrive Intel® Concurrent Collections, collaborate with your peers through blogs and user forums.
• How do I report problems or send feedback? And what kind of feedback are you looking for?
• Please send us your feedback through our software engineering blogs and support forums.
Our initial feedback from developers has been very encouraging. We are looking for more feedback.

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