Dynamic Resolution Rendering Update

We've updated the Dynamic Resolution Rendering sample with an optimisation to the temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) upscale pass and added a few new features for improved qualitative comparisons focused on TAA.

You can find the updated sample here.

The changes, listed below, are detailed in this pdf.

  1. Added optimization for temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) when using motion blur, which decreases the time this pass takes by approximately 40%.

  2. Corrected the velocity scale factor so that if the pixel in the last frame was 1 pixel away it is attenuated by 1⁄2. Previously a constant scale factor was used, which was chosen for the default resolution.

  3. Added a zoom box for viewing scaled portions of the screen.

  4. Added a basic TAA mode that does no velocity scaling so any ghosting issues can be found.

  5. Improved pause mode that correctly renders the previous and current frames to show TAA artifacts clearly in basic mode.

  6. Added a motion blur toggle so that the effect of motion blur and TAA can be properly considered.

  7. Added a symmetric TAA toggle.

  8. Changed pause key from Space to P.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.