Tracing MPI Applications

Before tracing your applications, set up the environment variables for compilers, Intel® MPI Library, and Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector. This can be done by sourcing/running a single file that sets the variables for all products at once.

Linux* OS:

Source the psxevars.[c]sh script available at <install_dir>/parallel_studio_xe_<version>, where the default <install_dir> is opt/intel:

$ source

Windows* OS:

Set up the environment by running the compiler command prompt. Go to Start > Apps > Intel Parallel Studio XE version and select the batch file appropriate for your architecture and Visual Studio* version.

Alternatively, run the psxevars.bat script available at <install_dir>\parallel_studio_xe_<version>\bin. By default, <install_dir> is: C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools.

After setting up the environment, you are ready to trace your applications. See the instructions below:

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