Partner Spotlight - Beach Buggy Blitz

Intel Featured Partner Spotlight:

Beach Buggy Blitz
Drives Up the Charts

Video Ads Drive 58% Higher Quality Acquisition & Males Exponentially Outperform Their Female Counterparts

When Vector Unit set out to run their first campaign they had questions about Beach Buggy Blitz's target audience and where to spend their marketing dollars.

Which channels would provide the largest scale acquisition?

Which would have highly engaged players willing to make in app purchases?

Vector Unit engaged with the marketing team at Intel to create tailored campaigns featuring event tracking with innovative mobile advertising technology.

Video Ads
58% higher quality users than those driven by still image ads

SE Asia and Latin America Cost-Effective
Generating 56% of the traffic with only 30% of the budget

Male vs Female Players
Female players purchased 45% less often than males.

Facebook* Outperformed other channels
3X higher CVRs
2.5X more in-app purchases

Worldwide Chart Impact in the Racing Category

Canada and Brazil

Germany, Denmark and Mexico

"This type of campaign was entirely new to us. Now through our work with the team at Intel we've not only seen a serious impact to acquisition numbers and our chart rankings, but gained real insights into audience and multi-channel performance that has been invaluable to us."

-Matt Small, CEO at Vector Unit

Media ad purchasing for the Intel marketing campaigns were driven by the advanced targeting and proprietary optimization algorithms built by SocialClicks*. SocialClicks, an innovator in mobile advertising and audience optimization, leverages actionable in-app data to deliver superior marketing performance and maximize lifetime ROI. The SocialClicks team and platform were able to design unique online ad campaigns and worked with Intel and their Partners to discover and drive new and profitable mobile audiences supporting over 2.7 million conversion events.