Linking error on MacOSX 10.6 with XCode 3.2

Problem :
After upgrading MacOSX to 10.6 and switching my local development target architecture to x86_64 I‘ve got the following link error on my standard project:
ld: in /Library/Frameworks/Intel_IPP.framework/Versions/Current/lib/libippimerged.a(piswap_split_mx_ippiSwapChannels_8u_C4IR.o), ObjectFileAddressSpace::mappedAddress(0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFC) not in any section

Environment :

Intel® IPP version 5.*, 6.0 including the latest v.6.1 Update 1
Mac OS X 10.6, XCode 3.2

Root Cause : 
The Intel® IPP versions earlier than 6.1 update 1 are built by the Intel® C++ Compiler which has the incompatibility problem with XCode 3.2 linker on Mac OS X 10.6 ( Snow Leopard).

Resolution : 
-    As a temporal workaround - use dynamic linking mode instead of static one
-    Use old XCode 3.1.2 on Snow Leopard 10.6
-    Build application on 10.5

The compiler issue documented here.
- Intel® MKL has experienced the similar problem and the cause of the problem is the same.
- The next versions (and/or updates) of MKL and IPP will contain the fix of this problem.

Resolution version:

Resolved in the compiler. See this link for more info.
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