CPU Dead On Arrival Event


This event is supported by Intel AMT Release 2.0 and later releases.

Trap Definition

Specific Trap Info

Event Sensor Type

07h (Processor)

Event Type

01h (Generic)

Event Offset

03h (FRB2/Hang in POST failure (used hang is believed to be due or related to a processor failure. Use System Firmware Progress sensor for other BIOS hangs.)

Variable Binding Info

Event Source Type

68h (ASF1.0 Implementation)

Event Severity

10h (Critical)

Sensor Device

FFh (NS)

Sensor Number

FFh (NS)


03h (Processor)

Entity Instance

60h (for instance #0), 61h (for instance #1), …


{00, 00, 00, 00, 00}


This Event is sent to all Event subscribers regardless of any Event Filter state.
This Event is logged regardless of any Event Filter state.

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