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Intel AMT Release 2.5/2.6 Architecture

Intel AMT Release 2.5 extends active management to enterprise wireless mobile computing. As shown in the following figure, the architecture has a mobile version of ICH8, the Crestline MCH and a wireless NIC.

Intel AMT Release 2.5 adds the following features to Release 2.0/2.1/2.2:

   Support for a second, wireless, network interface. Out-of-band management of Intel AMT can be done over this interface. System Defense packet filtering can also be done on traffic sent and received over this interface.

   Support for 802.1x EAP options so that Intel AMT can continue to process in-band and OOB wireless traffic even when the host OS is not active.

   Detection of whether a network connection is inside or outside the enterprise network.

   User notification capability, allowing registration for and receipt of alerts on the local CPU. Intel AMT Release 2.5 also includes the User Notification Service (UNS), a Windows service which defines a set of Intel AMT alerts (such as a System Defense alert). When it receives alerts from Intel AMT, the UNS logs them in the Windows event log, where they are available for general viewing.

   Support for the Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) standard. The release includes a plug-in that captures posture information and forwards it to a Cisco NAC device.

Intel AMT Release 2.6

Intel AMT Release 2.6 adds Remote Configuration and several other features to the mobile platform.

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