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Intel® vPro™ Gateway (MPS)

The SDK contains an implementation of an Intel® vPro™ Gateway (also known as a Management Presence Server, or MPS) – a service that executes in the DMZ between firewalls that enables Intel AMT-based platforms connecting over the Internet to connect securely to manageability consoles on the other side of the firewalls. (See the Description of Remote Access.)

What’s in the SDK?

   Source and executable MPS

   MPSInterfaceClient sample that demonstrates how to use the MPS SOAP API

   Documentation of the MPS API, configuration parameters, how to configure Intel AMT for remote access, and other information

Who will want to read this section?

Different groups of developers working with the MPS in different ways:

   ISVs developing consoles that will support remote connections with Intel AMT platforms via the MPS will use the sample MPS to integrate and test their designs and implementations. See Information for Console Developers.

   ISVs developing their own gateway application will use the MPS as a starting point for their implementation. See Information for Intel® vPro™ Gateway Developers.



   For additional information about the Remote Access feature, see Remote Access.

   The SDK applications that demonstrate network interface applications accept proxy parameters as inputs. ( [-proxy <name>] [-proxyUserName <proxy ip:port> -proxyPassword <proxyUserName>) See the usage for each sample.


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