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Linking with the Redirection Library (Windows)

The Intel-provided dynamic Redirection Library provides all of the logic to redirect serial and data storage commands to or from Intel AMT enabled hardware and firmware. If you want to link with the Redirection Library, you must:

   Compile the application with the provided import library (imrsdk.lib or imrsdk_x64.lib).

   Make sure that the dynamic Redirection Library (imrsdk.dll or imrsdk_x64.dll) is located in a known path so that it will be loaded when the application is executed. Such a path can be the same location as the application executable file, or in a system known path, such as %SystemRoot%\system32.

To link with the import library, put the library file name in the “Additional Dependencies” field of the “Linker/Input” dialog of Visual Studio, as shown in the following figure.

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