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Posture Validation (NAC)

note-icon NAC Deprecation Notice

Posture Validation (NAC) was deprecated in Intel AMT Release 9.0 and was removed in Intel AMT Release 11.5

Intel AMT Releases 2.5 through 8.1 can generate posture messages that are compatible with the Cisco* Network Admission Control (NAC) system. Beginning in Release 9.0, this feature is no longer supported.  In support of this feature, the Intel® vPro™ Kit includes a NAC Posture Plug-In that, in conjunction with a Cisco Trusted Agent (CTA) running on the host computer, forwards posture information to an Authentication, Authorization, and Admission (AAA) server (an alias of an Admission Control Server, or ACS). This mode of operation is called “passive mode”.

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