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Intel® AMT Release 15.0 Architecture

Release 15.0 adds the following features to Intel AMT:

   Intel AMT now supports connecting via wired LAN on a Thunder Bolt docking station. For details on this feature, see Intel AMT Manageability on a Thunderbolt™ 4 Enterprise Dock.

   Intel AMT now supports connecting via discrete I225-LM PCIe LAN to remotely manage a platform. This enables faster management operations. For details, see Intel AMT Manageability with Discrete I225-LM PCIe LAN.

   A 64-byte Unique Platform ID has been added. This is a unique, persistent and attestable ID, generated by the Intel CSME firmware from chipset fuses. The OEM can optionally set 32 bytes of the Platform ID that are stored in protected Intel CSME non-volatile memory. The management console can access this API via WinRM and view whether the feature is enabled, can enable or disable it, and can read the Platform ID. For details, see ME_System.htm.

   The Secure Remote Platform Erase feature has been expanded and now enables remote erase of any SSD, regardless of the manufacturer.

   The One-Click Recovery feature was added. This allows initiating a recovery process with a single command from a remote Management Console over a wired LAN connection to return a device’s operating system to its last good known state in a secure manner with minimum down time and effort for the user. Available on vPro SKUs, starting with Tiger Lake platforms using Intel® CSME 15 firmware.

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