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Intel AMT MEBx Setup Types

Intel AMT releases earlier than release 6.0 support two setup types (also known as provisioning modes or models):

   Enterprise Mode — this mode enables you to securely configure Intel AMT systems using your network infrastructure services and an SCA.

   Small Medium Business Mode (SMB) — this mode enables you to access the Intel AMT features of Intel AMT systems, without requiring an SCA in your network. Since this mode does not use secure communications protocols (such as Transport Layer Security), network traffic is not encrypted. SMB mode was removed in Release 6.0 and later releases.

An OEM sets the appropriate default setup type as part of a factory procedure when building the Intel AMT flash image. This value can be changed during the Setup and Configuration flow process.

Starting with release 6.0, there are two ways to configure Intel AMT:

   Automatically, using a configuration server.

   Manually, using the MEBx menus on the platform.

Both methods result in Enterprise mode, with all Intel AMT features available, including support for TLS.

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